Thursday, June 24, 2004

Le repos sur World of Warcraft

Le message original :

The original post in this thread is a good description of how things are supposed to work.

Once you hit about level 14, the "Normal" state lasts for 5 bubbles of pure monster kills (the rule is 5 bubbles or 5000xp, whichever is greater, and I believe the level at which 5 bubbles is greater is 14). It takes 11 hours to gain that much bonus experience back. So if you hit tired and log off in an inn for exactly 11 hours and 2 minutes, you should gain back enough bonus XP to get you through exactly 5 bubbles at normal. Any time beyond moves you gradually into "Rested".

The maximum amount of bonus experience you can ever accumulate is 12 times the "normal" cap. Getting that high requires being in an inn or city for about 5.5 days. Since you are getting twice as much bonus experience at rested as you are at normal, bonus xp will be depleted twice as fast at rested as it will at normal.

Since you are always resting when offline, even if outside (at 1/4 the rate of an Inn), the character selection should almost never say you are tired. The only time you would ever see that is when logging out if you manage to log out and load the character select screen in less time than it takes to accumulate 1 point of bonus XP. It should, however, say rested sooner or later, but it is independent of the in-game calculations, and may have a bug of its own.

There is no longer any penalty for leaving an Inn early, you are constantly accumulating bonus experience while in an inn or city. If you leave and come back, the only time lost is the time you were outside. You do not have to worry about wasting an 11 hour rest session because you left after 10 hours. You will still have earned 10 hours worth of bonus experience.

The basic goal for this system is that someone who plays for a few hours every night will spend some time in rested, a little more time in normal, and a little time tired, and be able to repeat that again the next night. But if you only play a few nights a week or only play on weekends, you will spend a much larger portion of your time at rested.

That's how things are supposed to work in this version. QA is trying to reproduce the problems some people have experienced, we will get them fixed if we can find them. And as always, how things are supposed to work now isn't necessarily how the final product will work. Finding out what works and what doesn't is why you're all here.

Ce qui nous laisse à penser que Blizzard pense aux joueurs occasionnels et plus particulièrement qu’ils réfléchissent à des solutions pour mettre en ligne des notions de repos et de fatigue dans leur monde, ce qui obligera les joueurs à aller se reposer dans les tavernes afin de pouvoir profiter du maximum de bonus d'expérience lorsqu'ils reviendront se connecter dans le monde de Warcraft.

Un concept intéressant qui n'avait jamais été souligné sur les autres jeux du genre. Blizzard une fois de plus innove et se place en tant que pionner dans tout ce qui semble être une attitude généreuse à l'égard de tout les types de joueurs.

Ca va rendre le jeu vivant à mon avis ! Les tavernes seront peuplées d’aventuriers à la quête de repos, de boisson ou de danseuses dénudées.

Il ne nous reste plus qu’à voir comment tout cela s’organisera en jeu.