Friday, July 02, 2004

Les attributs lors d'un changement de niveau du personnage

Le message original :

Attributes have been modified to clarify each individual attribute's
role for all characters. This change is designed to make every attribute
have some value to each and every class. While clarifying the roles of
Strength and Agility, the team decided to make Strength the main Damage
Per Second (DPS) modifier. This was a big change for Rogues (and
eventually Hunters) who previously utilized Agility for DPS.

Agility is now used to determine critical hits, dodge and basic defense
for all classes. To make Agility specifically attractive to Rogues (and
Hunters), they now receive additional bonuses for critical hits and
dodge abilities.

Expect more attribute changes to come as the team continues to
experiment. To that purpose, it's very possible that Agility will be
reinstated as the DPS modifier for Rogues (and Hunters) as the team
works through the best solutions.

Thanks for your feedback and comments. I apologize that this information
was not included with the Patch Notes since it is not technically a bug
and is currently working as intended.

~Kat :)

Katricia nous informe d'un gros changement. Les attributs sont augmentés
automatiquement lors d'un changement d'un niveau du personnage. L'équipe
de dev peux alors à volonté contrôler l'importance des attributs.